Making the Timeless Journey

image of ocean waves in a circle
the broken face from a stoic statue

And everything
I once judged
Was eventually
to be a key
To free me
of this cage

Your Odyssey Begins

We are each a humble boat crossing the ocean of life. At the onset of our journey, a terrific wind sweeps us far off course. Some continue to drift, some fight against the current. And some of us… well, we spend our life learning to sail, learning to navigate … to find our true direction.

To be human – fully vital human – is to know this sense of direction. To feel a profound sense of significance and belonging in the world.

Along the way, we have forgotten who we are and so forgotten what we are capable of becoming. We were born to be adaptable, with tremendous freedom to change in each and every moment.

The journey is timeless. Beginning anew in each and every moment.

Will you have the courage to change?

a surfer heading towards the waves

I will make a home
Wherever I go
I will make home of the land
And home of the sea
I will make home
Amongst the clouds
Wherever my heart may be

a statue of an angel holding onto a human

A Storm Is Coming

The climate crisis is deteriorating, democratic ideals are on an endangered list, and oligarchs have convinced us self-exploitation is liberation. We are inheriting the fruits of cultural systems built 5,000 years ago, and the fruit tastes rotten.

Our world is built on fragile, suicidal systems.

We have ignored universal laws and the storm is coming. Uncertainty and crisis will soon become the norm. The false promises of security and stability are no more.

A good captain proves themselves in a storm. Only through adaptation, only through leadership can we face the coming hurricane. We either adapt or die.

a lighthouse in a storm
a statue with a painted face

Traveling the world's wonders
By candle light, seeking
God and his many poems
Studying man's cruel lesson

Head filled
I am lost

Oh foolish man, stretched long
Like a gluttonous forge
The fire of achievement
Ate itself bite by bite

The Way Of The Leader

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a religious female statue

Have you lifted your arms
Watching them fall
Without permission?

Have you grown roots
Finding yourself
For even a moment?

About Mino

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a pier stretching out into the sea

From this dirt
My bones were formed
Back into this dirt
They will go

Carry me to
The mountaintop
Let me feel, once more
My ancestors’ hands

There atop those rocks
Let my flesh melt
Beginningless, endless

cycladic group of three figurines


  • See through different eyes; start at home; walk together

    Wisdom through perspective, action where possible, cooperation always.

  • Have fun, make cool shit

    Playfulness, vulnerability, compassion at the heart of learning.

  • Science the root, art the blossom

    Always science-backed, creative in expression.

  • Courage to be slow and still

    Meditation is the key that opens all doors.

  • Ever seeking the truth

    Honesty in every word.

waves contained within a triangle

On my hands and knees
Wiping sweat and tears
Caressing this sacred space
Grasping at the feet of humanity
Layering love upon love

bust of Socrates