90% of start-ups fail, often because of lack of experience and ignoring some key fundamentals. In this video, we look at the top 10 reasons some start-ups succeed and others fail. By attuning to our leadership in early days, we can ensure we create something that is built to last.

10 Reasons Start-Ups FAIL

February 2024

Leadership is a funny thing: we're constantly talking about it but never define it. What's worse is studies have shown that when we DON'T define leadership, we tend to default to stereotypes. (And pretty poor ones at that).  In this video, we explore 3 competing definitions for leadership and share The Adapting Leader definition for leadership. When we know what we are aiming for, we have a much higher chance of hitting it.

What Is Leadership? 3 Competing Definitions!

January 2024

Leadership Development is a $40 billion industry. But does it actually work? Do the so-called experts and coaches bring something to the table?  In this video, Mino explores a life-changing experience from years ago that called all his knowledge into question. This experience was the catalyst to understand a different side of leadership - beyond all the academic theories, models and frameworks.   This leadership is based on experience and practice. This leadership asks us to understand how to manage ourselves, how to understand the environment, and how to create a strategy to move us towards our goals.

Is Leadership Development Total B.S.?

January 2024

An overview of meditation - what it is, what it isn't, how we go wrong, and how we can tap in without fancy mantras. Through meditation we learn how to self-regulate and open up our creativity. Meditation is one of THE best tools for leadership.

A Leader's Guide To Meditation [Compilation]

January 2024

From Steve Jobs to Katalin Karikó to Albert Einstein, we celebrate the great achievements of visionaries. This power is fully accessible to us all! This video explores how our creativity and vision can be unleashed through meditation.

How Meditation Makes Us Visionary

January 2024

We all need different things to relax and therefore meditate. This video explores 3 examples of what has supported individuals to feel a state of receptivity.

3 Weird Ways To Unlock Meditation

January 2024

When we get attached to a tool or technique, we are likely to stop being in meditation. Tools and techniques are awesome but the moment they stop serving us we should drop them.

Don't Fall In Love With Your Meditation Technique

January 2024


4 Ways We Ruined Meditation

January 2024

We don't often define meditation and so it's essence gets lost in translation. But there actually ARE certain qualities that define meditation. In this video, we explore what is meditation?

What Is Meditation?

January 2024

The best books I read on leadership and society in 2023.

The 8 Best Books Of 2023

December 2023

How I Managed in Lebanon Thumbnail

How I Managed in Lebanon

November 2023

Information Overload Thumbnail

Stop Information Overload

October 2023